Custodit Dominus omnia ossa eorum unum ex his non conteretur -Psalmi 33:21 He atravesado la eléctrica noche de la metrópolis. Años que parecieron décadas. Décadas que parecieron siglos. Siglos perdido en el templado laberinto de la modernidad. Mi cerebro se cortocircuitaba con las lascivas caricias de la Circe cyborg y su bebedizo binario. Ignorante de […]

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Truth and Understanding

We inhabit three different realms of cognition: MATERIAL, POETIC, SPIRITUAL. Maybe they are not three separate sets but a continuous spectrum. Either way, the problems we face and the tools used to face them fall in either one of the three. Modernity has evolved in such a way that most problems it tries to solve […]

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Self arrogance

Monday. The weekend that came to an end yesterday was at the same time weird and constructive. I constantly felt both driven and full of energy but also unbalanced as if walking along the edge of a cliff. I cannot say precisely why I felt this way as there were many plausible reasons: The weekend was three […]

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The Idol of Diversity

Courage, Anxiety and Despair: Watching the Battle – ca. 1850 – James Sant I am a very frequent visitor to the processed fish section of my favorite hypermarket in the outskirts of Madrid. In its chest refrigerators I usually encounter a very specific kind of filleted fish in plastic trays that I do not recall […]

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Kikes, Niggers & Crackers

I do not have any black acquaintances. Conversely I am not a Jew myself but I am quite close to a few of them. Nevertheless all the arguments made below are based on publicly available facts. What I am doing here is oppose two diverging populations, Blacks and Jews, against the Western white majority to […]

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The Kalergi Plan, Biopsy of a Lie

Cover picture: Stop your cruel oppression of the Jews – 1905 –  Emil Flohri The illustration shows Roosevelt demanding the Czar: “Now that you have peace without, why not remove his burden and have peace within your borders?” On the 25th of August of 2016, Hillary Clinton denounced on a speech in Reno, Nevada, Donald […]

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