Self arrogance

Monday. The weekend that came to an end yesterday was at the same time weird and constructive. I constantly felt both driven and full of energy but also unbalanced as if walking along the edge of a cliff. I cannot say precisely why I felt this way as there were many plausible reasons: The weekend was three […]

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The Idol of Diversity

Courage, Anxiety and Despair: Watching the Battle – ca. 1850 – James Sant I am a very frequent visitor to the processed fish section of my favorite hypermarket in the outskirts of Madrid. In its chest refrigerators I usually encounter a very specific kind of filleted fish in plastic trays that I do not recall […]

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Kikes, Niggers & Crackers

I do not have any black acquaintances. Conversely I am not a Jew myself but I am quite close to a few of them. Nevertheless all the arguments made below are based on publicly available facts. What I am doing here is oppose two diverging populations, Blacks and Jews, against the Western white majority to […]

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The Kalergi Plan, Biopsy of a Lie

Cover picture: Stop your cruel oppression of the Jews – 1905 –  Emil Flohri The illustration shows Roosevelt demanding the Czar: “Now that you have peace without, why not remove his burden and have peace within your borders?” On the 25th of August of 2016, Hillary Clinton denounced on a speech in Reno, Nevada, Donald […]

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Have we lost our defenses?

Versión en español a continuación The conclusion to this piece is a mere question, not a definitive answer. The West has achieved The Cornucopia. The Horn of Plenty is no longer a product of human imagination but a concrete reality. Death by illness before old age is rare, antibiotics and painkillers are readily available. Material […]

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The West and The Truth

I have come back to blogging after a hiatus of almost 6 years after having the following realization: The western man has a issue with The Truth. After finishing a prestigious engineering degree at a top university and securing a position at a top ranked multinational company, I thought that the higher I moved up the […]

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