The Kalergi Plan, Biopsy of a Lie

Cover picture: Stop your cruel oppression of the Jews – 1905 –  Emil Flohri

The illustration shows Roosevelt demanding the Czar: “Now that you have peace without, why not remove his burden and have peace within your borders?”

On the 25th of August of 2016, Hillary Clinton denounced on a speech in Reno, Nevada, Donald Trump’s objectionable support from the Alt-Right. During her bland and inane speech a guy in the audience called Sean Lewandowski screamed “Pepe!” after Hillary mentioned Alt-Right for the first time. Now that Pepe the Frog has been released into the open those that in one way or another feel related to him must confront the implications of what we have become. I mean having stepped back into the fringes of mainstream thought. We have retreated into the dark fringes striving to become dark illustrates because the mainstream does not offer society a balanced archetype of man to strive for. The only thing the mainstream currently offers is hedonism and the false impression that everything is going well and, more worrying, that nothing can possibly go wrong and that The West is eternal, all good and omnipotent to harmoniously integrate in its essence any kind of behavior without losing said essence in the process. Because of this we have disengaged from the mainstream sources of culture, information and opinion and we are trying to build a better framework to guide our lives, not the one-track thought that is forcedly fed to all by the media. In its broadest sense this is the Alt-Right. But in doing this we have stepped into uncharted thought territory. We have traded the passive evils of the mainstream for more freedom of thought. But also greater degree of uncertainty and thus greater chance of active evil. What I mean by this is that we have moved closer to certain ideas that are detrimental for the survival and further improvement of The West. Antisemitism, judging individuals according to collective traits of the groups[2] they belong to, etc. To me, these are the worst ideas that we usually find close to the Alt-Right and I believe they do not belong to us. Because of this, and also as an exercise of intellectual honesty with myself, I want to analyze a false piece of writing that supposedly proves the existence of a Jewish-led plan to eradicate The West: “The Kalergi Plan”.

A common trait of many Alt-Righters is that we read, much more than the average guy. It makes sense. We have disengaged from the mainstream dissatisfied with the ideas we are being offered and so we go and look for other new ones in books, papers, etc. We have the Kahneman-Tversky papers on how heuristic decision-making sometimes lead to biases. We have The Bell Curve on how intelligence is spread across individuals and the impact it has on social stratification. Or Bill Warner’s many fact-based analyses of Islam that help understand what this political ideology really is about and how it is impacting our civilization. We are correctly building our beliefs upon these kinds of sources because they are the closest you can get to science when dealing with ideology: The data is freely available, the analysis is transparent for replication and the conclusions are open to falsification. Conversely, if you read the wrong people and the wrong sources you might feel as if you are doing the same thing but end up reaching. The worst outcome is when you unknowingly read fabricated information that has no connection with real-world data.

“The Kalergi Plan” is claimed by many with Nazi sympathies to be a proof of the existence of a Jewish-led effort to end the European race. This alone should be enough for most sensible men to stop taking seriously whoever claims it. Why then should I make the effort to delve into this claim and expose it for what it has to be? A hoax, an exaggeration, a lie. I do not believe it is honest to disregard anything just because of its association to those I do not like. Mainly because this kind of guilty by association reasoning is the same mainstream leftism uses to disqualify anything that runs opposite to its doctrine. “The Bell Curve” must be discredited as a whole and dumped into a crematory because it is “racist”. But what does it say? What are its conclusions? And what do the authors suggest we should do about them? Of course none of this matters for those using negatively charged feeling-ideas to advance their agenda. As an idea trickles down from the intellectual elites it becomes more and more simplified until only its most simple and emotional core remains. A book branded as racist will be discarded by most citizens without even looking at its back cover. And besides being an exercise in intellectual honesty it also pays dearly to understand how the false argument is built. Thus we can use it in the fight for ideas to bring to our side those who might fall for the falsehoods of our opponents. Let us uncover what really is behind “The Kalergi Plan”.

The Kalergi Plan: The Straw Man

“The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” were already exposed as a forgery by The Times of London in 1921. Of course knowledge has inertia and more so back before World War II. But by now even the most recalcitrant of anti-Semites acknowledge its fabrication, “The Protocols” where written by supporting factions of the Czar or maybe even by his secret police. This does not mean that anti-Semites stop being such, just that they must grab some other “proof” that backs their beliefs. “The Kalergi Plan” was then chosen as the go-to argument for Jewish conspiracy to rule from the shadows. The Plan takes its name from Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi (I will refer to him as just Kalergi from now on), an Austrian noble with a colorful mind and an even more colorful heritage. He was born in Tokyo to his Japanese mother, while his father worked there as consul for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. From that side of his family he was an Austrian Count with a lineage tracing back to Brabant, Poland, Bohemia and Byzantium. Later on he married an Austrian Jewish actress. As we will see later on, these peculiarities of his fit quite well with the content of his so-called plan.

A Google query on “Kalergi Plan” yields the Wikipedia entry for Kalergi himself followed by thousands of commentaries on The Plan by Nazi and anti-Semitic pages. These commentaries quote brief fragments written by Kalergi, mostly extracted from either one of two books: “Paneuropa” (1923) or “Practic Pacifism” (1925). The two main tenants of the plan, a forced elimination of the White race through miscegenation and its domination by a Jewish elite are supported by fragments such as these:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with the diversity of individuals. [Practic Idealism – Pag. 23]

Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It’s not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews. [Practic Idealism – Pag. 50]

Apparently these two fragments alone are enough for plenty of the Jewishly-obsessed to take as a fact that there is an ongoing Jewish conspiracy. To me, he is just making two claims. Objectionable on certain grounds, but mere claims and not an action plan on how to exterminate the White race. The first claim is that the eventual miscegenation of man will end up meaning a global mulatto race. I guess that on the assumption of equally spreading all the existing genes across all men. The second is that Europe, somehow, has helped Jews become better human beings. In the most scientific spirit I have gone directly to the source to fully understanding myself alone what Kalergi really says on his book. I have managed to acquire both books in PDF and I have read them fully. It has not been an easy task. Kalergi’s books are hard to find. Neither of the two books has been re-printed since its initial publishing in the 1920s. Moreover, it seems that they were published only in German. Besides the two originals I have also found some “unofficial” translations: French (good professional-looking translation) and English (bad Google Translate based translation). I’m not fully fluent in either French or German but enough to use the original and good French translation to complement what I cannot fully understand from the bad English translation.

“Paneuropa” (1923) is just a very brief manifesto in favor of European political unity to avoid more wars between European nations. In its four pages of length the words race (as in racial) is not even mentioned once, nor is the word Jew. Its content is merely about avoiding war through a European political integration. That is all. The concepts it uses certainly seem old now that The World has gone through World War II, nuclear weaponry and The Cold War. But I nevertheless felt some timeless truths in it which could have been inspired by Spengler or Mackinder. Fully consistent with Western Faustian culture Kalergi appeals to European unification to defend its people against the threat of economic colonization from Britain and America (The established and upcoming thalassocratic powers) and a military conquest from Russia (The Heartland). But true to its nature as a manifesto it does not delve any deeper, it is certainly not a plan in any way with specific goals, timings or assigned responsibilities. Staying in the Jewish theme, Theodor Herzl’s “The Jewish State” was orders of magnitude more specific in outlining how the Jewish Agency should operate to acquire land for Zionists to settle.

“Practical Idealism” (1925) is a very different piece of writing. It is actually a compilation of three previously written essays by Kalergi with very little in common with one another:

1-“Nobility”, roughly 50 pages long. Most of the Nazi “proofs” refer to this section, it covers plenty of ideas about race and is the only section of “Practical Idealism” where “Jew” and derived words appear.

2-“Technique”, roughly 100 pages long. A very thick reflection on how the man has developed technique and technology to improve livelihood and how it can keep doing so. Very little of this section is referred to by the Nazis. No references to races nor Jews.

3-“Paficism”, roughly 50 pages long. Very abstract ideas on how mankind and specifically Europe can achieve peace. Again very little of this section is referred to by the Nazis except a few comments on Esperanto and English as global linguae francae. Again, no references to races nor Jews here.

“Practical Idealism” has very little practicality a lot of ideas. It is a purely philosophical book which seems to summarize, in a not too clear way, the author’s thoughts. It does not surprise me that there were no further editions of the book. It is not very specific, does not refer to almost any data to support its claims and there are only a few references to other sources though footnotes. It is a bit about everything without getting into too much detail on nothing. It uses obscure and difficult to understand language. Esoteric in its feeling, with many references to orientalism, “Romance with the occult”, irenism and the duality of human existence exemplified by pairs such as: country-city, esquire-writer, art-technology, Capitalism-Communism, Catholicism-Protestantism, Religious Pacifism-Political Pacifism, League of Nations-International Socialist. Surprisingly Spengler is quoted, praised for his understanding of cultures of the past, in a delicious contradiction with Kalergi’s ideas which are absolutely Faustian.

A time will come when instead of the national rivalry with knives and lead balls with spiritual weapons will be fought. [Practic Idealism – Pag. 183]

As I suspected from first reading the quoted fragments, nowhere in Kalergi’s writing can it be found that Jews should dilute White races in order to dumb them down and rule over them. What “Nobility” only says is that in the future Europeans will mix, they will lose their virtues, and a noble race will be needed to lead them. And those won’t be Jews alone but the mixture of Jews, who will provide the intellect, and the former nobility, who will provide the heroic virtue. Kalergi explain how persecutions and a difficult like in the cities has managed to select only the most intellectually capable Jews. In the same way that noblemen have been able to retain the heroic virtues through their dedication to government and diplomacy. As I have said before, there is no such “Kalergi Plan”, only the thoughts of Coudenhove-Kalergi himself. They are extremely utopian but also benevolent and not a checklist for racial oppression in any way. And they also seem to be very influenced by his personal circumstances. He was a noble European that married a Jew, so he seems to be projecting on his writing the positive aspects of the Nobility and Jewish lives he witnessed. His mother was Japanese and so he considered them “Honorary Aryans”, much like Nazis would do few years after he wrote the following:

The Japanese, the most northern Oriental culture, often approaches the Occidentals, while the mentality of Southern Italians is oriental and South-American. [Practic Idealism – Pag. 26]

Thus. “The Kalergi Plan” does not exist. Kalergi is real, he wrote some books that are quoted in bad faith to make them say what he did not mean. Any claim to “The Kalergi Plan” should be dismissed as a mere fabrication, much like “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

The Kalergi Plan: The conspiracy theory

In spite of its fabrication, “The Kalergi Plan” works because, like “The Protocols”, it is built as a conspiracy theory. Actually, antisemitism in The West has evolved to become merely a conspiracy theory as a whole. There were religious factors before, there are also claims to racial differences, but the primary argument that remains is that of the conspiracy theory. Jews are obviously not a race. Though few, converting to Judaism is possible and happens. Jews from Eastern Europe look very similar to eastern Europeans. Mediterranean Jews look very similar to Mediterraneans. And Arabic Jews look quite identical to their Muslim neighbors. It is neither about religious hate (at least not in The West) where non-believing Jews are frequent and prominent. Thus, the only “reasonable” argument for antisemitism is that of the Conspiracy Theory. That somehow Jews conspire in the shadows to manipulate the culture, politics and trade to advance their interests at the expense of everyone else’s. “The Kalergi Plan” we are covering here is merely a Nazi anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. And it is important to confront because there are also other ongoing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories espoused by the left that are much more prominent and which are even communicated through the mainstream media. One good example is the libel that says that Israel is since its inception an expansionist state that aspires to control the vast territory between the Nile and the Euphrates. And as a proof they claim that the two horizontal blue stripes of the Flag of Israel represent these two rivers. Of course the claim is ridiculous but it is used constantly by many close to the radical Western Left to disqualify Israel. The design of the flag was inspired by the Tallit, the Jewish praying garment which frequently features two sets of blue stripes on a white background. Moreover, the only sources for this claim are Yasser Arafat and some of his minions.

To further argument the validity of “The Kalergi Plan”, its defender say that Kalergi’s books are hard to find because they were only meant to be read by those inducted into the conspiracy. Which of course is ridiculous. As the facsimiles of the books reveal, they were publicly sold by Kalergi’s own editorial house, “Paneuropa Verlag”, which operated in both Vienna and Leipzig. If they have not been reprinted ever since it is because they are bad books. Also, on an unarguable proof that there is no hidden organization behind Kalergi’s ideas, the last page of “Practic Idealism” includes the following info for any reader that might be interested in joining the Paneuropean Union:

The entry into the Pan-European Union is open to all men and women, clubs and organizations. To join send your name, profession and address to the head office of the Pan-European Union, Vienna 1., Hofburg, or to the delegation of your country. Annual contributions are a minimum of 1 German Mark or 1.50 Austrian Schillings.

Badges are issued by the Central Bureau of the Pan-European Union, Vienna 1., Hofburg. Price 0.60 German Marks or 1 Austrian Schilling.

Accession forms and membership lists are freely available on request. [Practic Idealism – unnumbered end pages]

Not the kind of thing you do when you want to secretly help the Jews exterminate the white race.

In hindsight, and after having considered all details and nuances, it might seem very obvious that “The Kalergi Plan” is a mere conspiracy theory that should not be given any credit. But conspiracy theories succeed because they appeal to the limits of the human brain, they are appealing heuristics for those that do not have the will or the skills to dig a little and expose their inconsistencies. They also exploit the problem of induction as they pass onto the accused the burden of proving a negative. “Prove to me that you are not conspiring!” By the mere essence of what a conspiracy is it cannot be done. You can prove that someone was indeed involved in one if you manage to intercept some incriminating private communication but you cannot present any evidence that exonerates you from being a conspirator. The same way that if you are caught cheating on your wife it has been proved that you are a philanderer but it is impossible to prove that you are a faithful husband.

Conspiracy theories are an irresistible labor-saving device in the face of complexity, it is because of this that they must be confronted and argued against, as with “The Kalergi Plan”, or they will be used by dishonest people to promote falsehoods.


      1. the opposite? it sais the white race must perish and a new race of mutts must be created which will be lead by jews? what about barbara specter? that is also a “conspiracy”? what about the 300 million africand EU will take? stil a conspiracy? agenda 21,30 and 63 that are on the UN site also conspiracy???


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