The West and The Truth

I have come back to blogging after a hiatus of almost 6 years after having the following realization: The western man has a issue with The Truth.
After finishing a prestigious engineering degree at a top university and securing a position at a top ranked multinational company, I thought that the higher I moved up the income ladder the smarter the people I interacted with would be. This has not been the case. I have realized that the western man currently has an issue with The Truth. Regardless of how educated he claims to be, regardless of how smart he claims to be, he no longer wishes to move towards The Truth, he no longer wishes to make it the driving principle of the public policy under which he lives. Most worryingly, he no longer wishes to make Truth the driving principle of his and his family’s life.
Sadly, this seems like an unavoidable outcome. The ultimate consequence of technology tampering with the human mind and its most basic instincts.

Man is capable of rationality. But rational is not the best word to describe Man. A more fitting adjective would be rationalizing. We are good at figuring out patterns and, in hindsight, we do a very good job at making our decisions seem the logical thing to do. Abstract reasoning is something Man can do but this capacity varies wildly across individuals and only when we commit all our effort to it. Not much proof is required for this: the number of individuals that truly understand any of the inventions that make our life more comfortable is very low. They make up an invisible priesthood that, just as the many religious forces have done throughout history, drive their agenda into society from pulpits and other less transparent channels; but this is a topic for a future reflection. When it comes to concrete reasoning, the one that affects our daily lives, Man’s rational capacity is very limited. Examples abound regarding the unhealthy lifestyles men willingly choose and how the media promotes them as something modern and cool so that the youngest and most vulnerable to novelties join the trends. Bad financial decisions happen at an individual level and compound upwards until they snowball into economic crises. We are intelligent indeed but we remain unwise [1]. The technology we have acquired thanks to the aforementioned priests could have enabled us to become better men.  It can still be used so: for the price of the cheapest internet access package (which in The West is an extremely low percentage of even the lowest salaries) the most average of men can:

  1. Teach himself how to speak any foreign language. English, Spanish… but also more distant asiatic languages such as Japanese or Chinese
  2. Read any of the classics without paying a dime. From Marcus Aurelius to Machiavelli and many more
  3. Read millions of musical scores with no copyright whatsoever including facsimiles from Bach and Vivaldi’s own hand.

And many more things that can benefit any man’s life in either their job or their physical and mental well-being. However this is not what we have chosen to do with it. Besides the ubiquitous pornography, the internet is dominated by:

  1. Pseudo-profound bullshit
  2. Degeneracy-promoting listicles or short videos that short-circuit the primary urges of our most primitive part of the brain.
  3. Merely inane memes that convey nothing whatsoever

Of course the human mind has always had this kind of disposition, easy to seduce with comfort either physical or intellectual. But it is now when, thanks to the advances of behavioral psychology and semiconductor technology, technological elites have found the perfect tool to short-circuit our brains. Proof of this is the impressive growth of BuzzFeed [1] with its content based on contagious but inane gifs, listicles with big-sounding words or videos that appeal to the lowest instincts through food or sexuality. The fact that the agenda of this despicable site consists on promoting third-wave feminism, sexual degeneracy and narcotics consumption only adds insult to injury. The fact that publishing corporations must resort to disgraceful methods to obtain web traffic [2] and that even the most respectable of newspapers have their own click-bait sections is the best proof that the BuzzFeed, BusinessInsider, Upsocial, etc. models are indeed the philosopher’s stone of brain-tampering at a global scale [3].

To me, this concept is of the utmost importance to understand why the modern western Man behaves as he does even though he has any knowledge imaginable at his fingertips. First came the neolithic revolution, then the industrial revolution, some decades ago birth control and today we are witnessing the ultimate step in neglecting our roots: the short-circuiting of our neural wiring. Bear in mind though that I say this not as a reactionary but as a man of science: I am academically educated in the application of science and technology to improve human life. I possess a sufficient understanding of history to be fully aware of what life was before the Industrial Revolution: pitiful. Nevertheless I aspire to become a balanced man and I understand that these improvements can have an impact on our livelihood and quality as humans if left unrestrained: one can be a wealthy, physically healthy man but with no purpose in life and a mess inside his brains. Social, technological and scientific progress has costs and we must be aware of them. Moreover, the costs associated to the most extreme social “innovations” we are witnessing lately will only manifest themselves in the long run. A frequently mentioned one is the declining birthrates in The West, already below the reposition rate. This is why it is of the utmost importance that we face these costs before realizing we have dug a ditch so deep that we can no longer escape from it on our own.

We are not facing this costs. It is even worse, we are not acknowledging them at all. The currently pervasive whig interpretation of human history, which does not resist the simplest of analyses, makes bringing these costs into the public debate a cumbersome effort that some people just dismiss with negatively-charged ideas that switch the debate from the rational into the emotional. There, only the wildest promises of ever-increasing welfare can be taken seriously.

These positively or negatively charged ideas is what I call feeling-ideas and I have observed that they really are the main driving force of public policy and lifestyles. This concept deserves plenty of reflection but I will just summarize here some of the broader trends of feeling-ideas that have taken root in the minds of western men and are making us hedonistic zombies crawling slowly towards our doom:

  1. Behavioral inconsequentialism: Whatever men do, it is good as long as everyone taking part does so willingly and no-body gets hurt. This current of non-thinking is responsible for the most disgusting realities of The West: the institutionalization of sodomy, the increasing normalization of narcotics consumption, the rise of uterine indenture, genital mutilation in order to disguise the real sex, cosmetic surgery, etc. This mindset is not only neglecting the long-term effects of bad individual decisions compounded across cities and countries, it is twisting the meaning of harm itself. This line of thought, assumed to its core, would mean that incest and non-medical amputation of limbs should be something to rejoice over if all men taking part are doing so willingly.
  2. Intellectual idolatry: This feeling-idea is quite broad but includes things such as:
    Diversity: more differences across individuals are always better. There is absolutely no proof supporting this other than the wishfulness of social justice warriors. Conversely, examples abound on the danger diversity poses to trust and social cohesion.
    Institutional voidness: the political reality of Man is a lie and so the state has no need nor right to cohere it. This conceit discards any human facet that is not purely economical. It is the reason why the nation state has transformed into an ever-growing welfare provider. It is also the reason why certain european nations are being torn apart from the inside by regional elites that grow more powerful at the expense of their nations as a whole.
    Entrepreneurship:  The door-to-door salesman mindset applied to every single one of us. Everyone can become the master of it’s own destiny and achieve financial stability by becoming a one-man operation that creates a product, promotes it and sells it to other men doing the same thing. Or to a bigger corporation that avoids labor relations by appealing to this entrepreneurship spirit or similar good-sounding ideas such as the sharing economy or user-generated content. Of course this is an Idol that can not face even the most brief reflection in a mirror of statistics and facts without crumbling [4].
  3. Mental analgia: happiness understood only as pleasure, lack of worries and absence of pain. This meme is present across all thought leaders in books, magazines, TV, etc. For those unaware of the dangers of hedonism it looks as an appealing prospect: we all have the right to be happy, indulge, and smile at a life. However this idea instills in the minds where it resides the absolute impossibility of happiness. The human existence is rough and filled with pain. If the expectation becomes a soft-lighted fiction attainable only to a lucky few, this wishful and puerile desire for happiness only results in more frustration, antidepressants and endless pursuit of nothingness wrapped in Instagram selfies, Facebook check-ins at clubs and travel as a temporary escape from real life.

So what can we do? The first thing is to avoid the pitfalls of what I have exposed before. There are tensions and acknowledging them is the first step in improving our situation. Personal and family development depend on becoming a part of the system at least up to certain degree. Going off the grid is not a reasonable action plan, it diminishes the chances we have of improving things. However I believe that certain detachment from the mainstream flows of information is necessary to become a better man.

  1. Improve the intellect and the body: the modern society neither fosters nor rewards the acquisition of knowledge and intelligence on subjects beyond those immediately useful professionally. Me must fight against the dumbing down of the modern man by honing our intelligent and artistic facets. There is however a certain rise in the cult of body. However this is circumscribed to some degenerate lifestyles which only see it a better physique a means to hedonistic ends. These should be in no way be used as a standard. Instead, a return to the anthropocentric values of The Renaissance and The Classics should be sought in our daily lives.
  2. Reproduce: the statistics are out there and they speak for themselves. The biggest threat to the core values of The West and the sustainability of our inflationary growth mechanism is our lack of will to reproduce ourselves.
  3. Master the tools of our enemies: It is true that against positive feeling-ideas painful and party-pooping facts have the lower hand. We already saw this few years ago before the collapse of real estate bubbles around the world. However if we understand how the techno-elite is tampering with our brains we will be better equipped to wage a guerilla-warfare against the dissolution of what we are.






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